• SSTI and potential instability for island grid with large VSDS application (typically LNG plant)
  • Commissioning and reliability issues
  • Early risk identification during design phase
  • Network stability assessment
  • Sub-synchronous harmonic analysis
  • Mitigation actions and plans

Case study details

Modern oil and gas plants, especially in LNG, commonly have an island network with large variable-speed drive systems for compression.

This increases the attention paid to the network's electrical quality in terms of harmonic and sub-harmonic current circulation. The latter can reach the gas turbine generator terminals and excite the natural frequency of the rotating train–causing a sub-synchronous torsional interaction that could cause instability, unit trips, or equipment damage.

Baker Hughes has developed a structured and detailed approach to SSTI analysis, available to customer through a comprehensive power system study. And we’ve delivered it for several customer LNG projects around the world.


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