• A String Test Acceptance Certificate is an important indicator of on-time project delivery
  • String tests can be 1 day or up to several weeks with face-to-face participation by over 30 people
  • COVID-19 travel restrictions meant the traditional approach to a string test was not feasible
  • The test was performed in Italy with virtual participation by 21 people in 5 cities around the world
  • Our FSE used a Smart Helmet with cameras and sensors to broadcast the equipment walkdown
  • The test took less than 8 hours, and Venture Global signed the Acceptance Certificate the same day

Case study details

A string test is a major project milestone performed on the first full set of equipment. Replicating and simulating site operation conditions for the complete system, it is the only way to prove that all the major components function together as they should. Obtaining a scheduled String Test Acceptance Certificate is an important indicator of on-time delivery for the overall project.

In preparation for the remote string test, Baker Hughes leveraged a combination of teleconferences and virtual-meeting software to foster audio and video interaction with multiple locations around the globe. The actual string test involved field technicians for both Baker Hughes and Venture Global in Massa, Italy, as well as design engineers, operations engineers, testing experts, project managers, and project executives in Houston, Texas, Arlington, Virginia, and Florence, Italy. This structure allowed participants to see and hear each other in real time, and view the live testing data screens.


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