• Well located on offshore Norwegian continental shelf
  • High-production well shut in for two years because of lost fish across the perforated interval
  • Perform operation as per NORSOK requirements Kill well, recover fish, and clean out debris in one run
  • Enabled successful CT fishing returning well to production after two-year shut-in
  • Cleaned debris from producing interval
  • Facilitated decision making by providing real-time data and images to onshore staff

Case study details

A high-producing, offshore Norwegian oil well was shut in for two years because deposits and sand in the wellbore had caused a failed intervention. This stranded 72 ft (22 m) of tool string (consisting of a production logging tool [PLT] and a dual e-line tractor) and approximately 1,150 ft (350 m) of seven conductor cable.

The length of the fish and lubricator height precluded live well operations or any hydrocarbon returns to surface. After multiple retrieval attempts had failed, the operator contacted Baker Hughes, who recommended the TeleCoil intelligent coiled tubing (CT) service.

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