• Hard BaSO4 scale
  • Offshore well
  • Customer requirement for a more efficient cleanout solution
  • 7-in. monobore completion with a maximum inclination of 75°
  • 5.875-in. mill
  • Removed 13 tons of BaSO4 scale
  • Perforated the clean wellbore
  • Completed all cleanout and perforating operations with a single intelligent coiled tubing reel
  • Saved $755,000 USD

Case study details

In a well off the coast of Norway, production had declined significantly because of accumulations of hard barium sulfate (BaSO4) scale. Having experienced BaSO4-related declines and intervention costs in the past, the operator asked Baker Hughes for a more efficient, cost-effective solution for cleaning the well and restoring production.

BaSO4 creates particularly hard scale buildup that is difficult to break loose and circulate out of the wellbore. Conventional coiled tubing methods for removing BaSO4 can require tens of trips and multiple changes at the surface between wireline and coiled tubing reels. Missed runs and non- productive time (NPT) are common in BaSO4 removal operations, driving up costs, delaying production, and increasing safety risks to personnel at the surface.

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