• Average of 261 ppm of oil in injection water
  • High water injection pressures
  • Large vessel interphases
  • Facility upsets during batching of corrosion inhibitor
  • Decreased oil in injection water
  • Increased annual oil revenue by more than $264,000 USD due to less oil carry-over of 11.13 BOE/D
  • Lowered water injection pressures
  • Improved interphase control
  • Reduced overall chemical treating costs by 15.4%

Case study details

Baker Hughes historically has used oil-based demulsifiers to treat the high water cut emulsions found in the mature oil fields of Alberta, Canada.

Looking to field trial a new water- soluble demulsifer, Baker Hughes recommended TRETOLITETM CLEAR demulsifiers to an operator based on treating history and costs of a traditional oil-soluable chemistry, injection water-oil carry-over, and volume of water produced. The oil treating facility was producing a significant amount of water—more than 73,500 B/D.

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