Case study details

An Uzbekistan-based customer needed to deploy a 7-in. liner to the setting depth, set the liner hanger, cement the liner, activate two inflatable packers, and finally set the liner top packer to prevent suspending drilling operations. The COVID-19 pandemic, however, added a new challenge. Quarantine restrictions locked down border crossings to the rig location and prevented the mobilization of field supervisors. The customer needed to manage the entire operation remotely, and, while other service providers could not accommodate, Baker Hughes accepted the challenge.

Rated at 10,000 psi (68.9 MPa), the UniFlex™ liner hanger/packer is a field-proven one-piece liner hanger packer. The tool can be set hydraulically, eliminating pipe manipulations, and can be rotated during run-in, enabling it to pass tight spots and during cementing. From a supply chain standpoint, the UniFlex hanger was assembled in the Tyumen plant, which is close to both Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, and the tool was quickly delivered to the rig location.

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