• New development field with limited offset data and uncertain seismic models
  • Land the wellbore as close as possible to the top of the reservoir to maximize recovery
  • Accurately detect multiple reservoir boundaries using extra-deep azimuthal resistivity measurements
  • Validated inversion interpretations from pilot holes
  • Mapped the top and bottom of the Odin reservoir continuously
  • Optimized well placement in response to significant variations in reservoir thickness

Case study details

The Svalin field, operated by Equinor, is located 5 miles (8 km) southwest of the Grane field in the Norwegian North Sea. The water
depth in the area is approximately 294 ft (120 m). The Svalin field will be developed by a multilateral well drilled from the Grane platform.

The targeted Odin reservoir consists of Paleocene to lower Eocene sandstones. The reservoir is approximately 5,741 ft (1750 m) below mean sea level,and contains oil for recovery by pressure depletion.

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