• Work within existing infrastructure to reduce CO₂ emissions and meet the European Union targets
  • Limited experience in pipeline industry operating turbines with natural gas and hydrogen blends
  • Pass rigorous test before running the gas turbine in a real compression station
  • World’s first "hybrid" turbine, the NovaLT™12, was successfully tested in July, 2020
  • The turbine will be installed by 2021 at Snam’s compressor station in Istrana, Italy
  • With up to 10% hydrogen blend, Snam will cut up to 5 million tons of CO₂ per year

Case study details

Snam, one of Europe's largest gas transmission and storage operators, selected Baker Hughes to help it adopt hydrogen blended with natural gas into its existing transmission infrastructure.

The world’s first "hybrid" hydrogen turbine, a NovaLT™12, was successfully tested at Baker Hughes’ facility in Florence, Italy in July, 2020—marking the first time a gas infrastructure operator has tested this type of turbine for its existing assets. The NovaLT™ family comprises the industry’s first high-performance gas turbines inherently designed for hydrogen and other lower-carbon fuels. They can burn methane and hydrogen blends from as little as 5% to as much as 100% hydrogen.


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