• Monitor S-shaped completion
  • Predict accurate weight applied downhole
  • Reduce impact to rig operations
  • Acquired real-time data to deliver accurate completion engineering data
  • Incurred minimal impact to standard rig operations
  • Provided industry-first downhole real-time data during a deepwater frac pack

Case study details

Casing, cementing, and completion installation operations have, until now, not possessed the capability of real-time, downhole data. As well complexity increases, the incidences of failure and/or sub-optimal installation of downhole completion systems has risen dramatically. This has led to large increases in nonproductive time (NPT) as well as impaired production.

Until recently, almost all completion installation operations were carried out effectively blind to downhole conditions, using only surface measurements and models often at variance with what was actually happening downhole. Real- time data collection during a frac pack or gravel pack installation requires the ability to transmit data with a variety
of different fluid conditions including low flow, no flow, high rate, and proppant laden, all while maintaining an unrestricted through bore. Additionally telemetry must also operate while the blowout preventers (BOP) are closed and in reverse circulating conditions.

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