• Locate casing collars in highly deviated wellbore to set bridge plug
  • Improve milling and overall efficiency in a whipstock casing-exit operation
  • Reduced number of trips necessary to locate all casing collars
  • Improved reliability and reduced operational risks
  • Set bridge plug accurately and performed successfully casing-exit operation

Case study details

On a casing exit operation in the Gulf of Mexico, a customer needed to perform a casing collar locator (CCL) run prior to setting a bridge plug in 11 3⁄4-in., 65 lb casing. Typically, this kind of operation is done using wireline, but because the wellbore was highly deviated (approximately 70°), wireline was not an option. With this challenge, an extra trip down to 8,500 ft (2590 m) would be necessary, incurring additional rig time and costs.

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