• Perform one-trip wellbore cleanup and negative liner top packer test
  • Work with a high-density mud 15.6 ppg and then displace with an 8.4 brine density
  • Drive operational efficiency and optimal service delivery
  • Performed entire operation in 3 days vs. the 6 days with conventional equipment
  • Saved 72 hours rig time and associated costs, amounting to $400,000 USD
  • Experienced no NPT in completion operations
  • Mitigated all HSE risks

Case study details

A customer in Colombia operated a field with a non-homogenous formation that required a complex fluid program consisting of different fluid densities and viscosities. Looking for ways to drive operational efficiency, the customer asked Baker Hughes about the possibly of performing a wellbore cleanup in one trip. As an added challenge, the customer also requested a negative test on the liner top packer be performed in the same trip.

In short order, the Baker Hughes team in country sourced and collected all the wellbore cleanup tools necessary to meet the customer's requirements. Key among the tools was the X-Treme Clean™ XP Anchoring Test Packer (XPATP). Normally run in the same trip as the wellbore cleanup tools, the XPATP is designed to perform a negative inflow test on a liner top. The XPATP eliminates the need for a designated run with a retrievable packer. A negative test is completed by displacing fluid in  the upper drillpipe with a lighter weight fluid than is in the remainder of the wellbore. A polished bore receptacle (PBR) polishing mill and liner dress-off the mill can be run below the XPATP. The tools are spaced out so that the liner top dressing the mill reaches the liner top at the same time that the cleanout tools reach total depth (TD).

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