• Increase storage compressor flexibility during four-year transition from LCV to HCV natural gas
  • Reduce site emissions
  • Minimize installation cost
  • ICL has zero emissions, zero leakage, no lubricant oil to dispose of
  • Enables 90% lower CO₂ emissions for this storage site
  • Minimizes installation waste and new materials by using existing civil work and piping

Case study details

Storengy’s aquifer storage site in Gournay-sur-Aronde, France, uses three compressors driven by gas turbines to store low-calorific-value (LCV) natural gas. In 2022, the facility will start changing to high-calorific-value (HCV) natural gas. To ensure a smooth transition and achieve its target for emissions reduction, Storengy wanted to replace one large turbine-driven compressor with a more flexible alternative.

Baker Hughes' zero-emission ICL technology was chosen for its high flexibility thanks to lower speed capabilities and high efficiency over the full speed range. The system has lower power consumption, a compact package that simplifies installation—and it's future-ready with the ability to handle hydrogen content.


* Zero-emissions during operation and pressurized stand by. Being an electrical driven compressor, emissions are proportional to electrical grid  power generation emissions. In case of green electrical power, ICL is removing up to 99% of emissions compared to gas-fired solutions.


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