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CCUS is a net-zero imperative: here’s how we make it a reality


CCUS is a net-zero imperative: here’s how we make it a reality

A page n a book being flipped that says "The evolution of CCUS"
  • The role CCUS can play in decarbonizing some of the most difficult to abate industries
  • What mix of proven and effective technologies are needed to meet needs and economics
  • The realities of carbon sequestration vs. utilization

As the world attempts to build an energy mix that is net carbon neutral, it is easy to overlook the ongoing importance of energy sources that continue to produce carbon emissions. That’s why carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) technologies will undoubtedly play an important role in achieving a net-zero energy future.

Born from necessity in the hydrocarbons sector, we must accept some hard truths about CCUS and face the reality of its future. Despite its long history and relative maturity, the application of CCUS still involves uncertainties associated with emerging technologies. And scaling up will require collaboration never seen before from new partnerships and policy.

Can energy and industry collectively develop and deploy CCUS technologies both faster and at a much greater scale than ever before?

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