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Rethinking emissions management: A pathway to the future

Emissions Management involves accounting for and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from sources like flaring, pictured.

Rethinking emissions management: A pathway to the future

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  • Why navigating the current climate of regulatory and technological uncertainty could be easier than you think
  • How to overcome the challenge of collecting, storing, and visualizing an avalanche of new emissions data
  • Where to look for abatement solutions that can increase revenue and production while reducing waste

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions is both an immediate imperative and an incredible opportunity.

Companies with a demonstrated ability to monitor and abate their emissions are becoming more attractive to both investors and consumers. Being proactive today allows companies to set themselves up as market leaders in the future.

But there are real obstacles on the path to meaningful emissions reduction—like concerns over costs and confusion around how to set up an accurate baseline for current emissions.

Fortunately, solutions that allow companies to reap the economic and social benefits of emissions reduction aren’t just available; they’re also potentially profitable. But finding the right ones requires understanding how to properly navigate the rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.   

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