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Statement on U.S. Emissions Reduction Targets Announced During 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate


Statement on U.S. Emissions Reduction Targets Announced During 2021 Leaders Summit on Climate

April 22, 2021

We welcome the nationally-determined contribution (NDC) announced by the U.S. today, which meets the ambition of the Paris Agreement and adds momentum to the Energy Transition. 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions on this timetable while delivering abundant and affordable energy is an incredible challenge, but an achievable one.  It requires substantial investment in technology, public-private partnership and a regulatory environment that encourages and facilitates action.  We acknowledge and support the specific call to tackle methane emissions as a global climate imperative, and as a key to sustaining the important role of natural gas in the energy portfolio.

Our own commitment to climate action includes the interim target of 50% greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2030 and a net zero target by 2050. We are proud of the work done to date to get us there. Most importantly, we make decarbonization possible through innovation in carbon capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen-powered turbines, methane emissions monitoring technology, and digital solutions that support optimization and digital transformation in the energy and hard-to-abate industrial sectors.  We support the U.S. intent to advance industrial decarbonization through government support for CCUS and hydrogen technologies.

Meeting this challenge is what we work toward, relentlessly, guided by our purpose to make energy cleaner, safer, and more efficient for people and the planet. Our role as an energy technology company has a direct part to play in making progress for the U.S. and across the globe.

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