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The Z-Flex liner hanger packer is ideal for large-size-liner jobs where you expect premium ratings and high performance. The high hanging capacity allows for long, heavy, big-bore liners to be used instead of long strings, reducing weight on the wellhead and minimizing costs. The V0-tested liner top seal provides an additional barrier for improved safety, compared to cementing a long string to surface. 

The Z-Flex system gives you optimum operational flexibility. The system can be run with a 2RH™ mechanical-release setting tool for basic applications, or an HRD-™ hydraulic setting tool for applications where the liner requires reaming to get through tight spots or sloughing formations. The system can be configured to hydraulically set the liner hanger and then cement, or it can be configured to allow for reciprocation and rotation while cementing, and then set the liner hanger without relying on a plug bump. 

The system uses the time-tested ZX seal that ensures gas-tight liner top seal integrity. The FLEX-LOCK slip and slip-seat design maximizes the liner weight that can be hung by transferring load from the host casing circumferentially around the tool instead of inward. An aggressive slip tooth profile ensures the tool bites, preventing the liner from sliding. 

Advantages of the Z-Flex liner hanger packer system include:  

  • V0-tested liner top annular seal ensures effective liquid and gas sealing 

  • Cylinder-free design maximizes allowable burst and collapse pressures  

  • Aggressive gripping technology allows greater forces on the casing at initial slip contact 

  • HRD-E running tool profile allows liner to be reamed through tight spots or sloughing formations 

  • Operational flexibility permits rotation of the liner during cementing  

  • One-piece body eliminates multiple threaded connections and associated leak paths 

  • FLEX-LOCK-style slip seat design maximizes hanging capacity with circumferential loading 

  • Works with Hyflo surge reduction tool and CompDril LF plug system  

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