• Provides an economical mid-tier solution for liner hanging
  • Affords high hanging capacities

  • Wells with higher deviations
  • Applications requiring higher hanging capacities
  • Medium length liners

The HMC hydraulic-set liner hanger is ideal for many wells where hydraulic actuation is desired because pipe manipulation is not reliable. The hanger is set by applied pressure through the run-in string and it supports medium to heavy liner loads. 

The HMC hanger features a multi-cone design to provide maximum bypass area. This allows for better hole cleaning and improves cement integrity. The HMC hanger is ideal for deep and high angle wells because no pipe rotation is required to set the hanger. A setting ball is dropped and circulated to a ball seat in the landing collar or running string. Differential pressure then acts on the hydraulic cylinder, moving the slips up the cones to the set position. The hydraulic setting mechanisms are factory tested to ensure downhole reliability.

Features and benefits:  

  • Hanger sets with applied hydraulic pressure
    • Allows hanger to be set in situations where downhole pipe manipulation is not reliable
  • Factory tested hydraulic setting mechanisms
    • Ensure downhole reliability
  • Multi-cone design
    • Provides excellent fluid bypass and increased load capacity

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