• Get maximum bypass area while running in and circulating
  • Ensure effective setting in multiple applications with hydraulic and mechanical setting options



Get assured reliability at low cost with the Hyflo™ II liner hanger from Baker Hughes. An economical, light-to-medium duty liner hanger, the Hyflo II is suitable for short to moderate length liners. And with the flexibility for both hydraulic and mechanical setting, the liner hanger gives you a reliable completions solution in a range of well scenarios.


Save money without moving pipe

The Hyflo II hydraulic-set loner hanger is ideally suited for your highly deviated/ horizontal wells and some multilateral applications where downhole pipe manipulation is not desirable.

This hanger sets with applied hydraulic pressure and does not require pipe rotation for setting. Simply drop or circulate a setting ball to a ball seat in the landing collar or running string and then let differential pressure take over. This pressure acts on the hydraulic cylinder, moving three slips up the cones to the set position—quickly and securely.


Get reliable mechanical setting without set screws

The Hyflo II mechanical-set liner hanger is an economical liner hanger option in wells where mechanical hanger manipulation is possible at depth, and when rotation is not required while working the liner to depth. The hanger uses an open-bottom J-cage assembly, available for right-hand or left-hand setting.

The mechanical-set hanger has T-slot bowsprings that eliminate the need for set screws and increase reliability.

Both the hydraulic- and mechanical-set hangers include a multi-cone design that provides maximum bypass area in both run-in and set positions. And with their premium seals, you’re assured high-pressure/ high-temperature (HP/HT) integrity.

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