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Optimize your unconventional reservoir planning with the FracHOOK™  multilateral system. A high-pressure Level 3, 4, and 5 multistage fracturing system as classified by the Technical Advancement of Multilaterals (TAML), the system delivers robust isolation ahead of the most demanding fracturing jobs.


Efficient execution

The system incorporates the Model S-3 HOOK Hanger to provide mechanical support to the junction and deliver back-to-back fracturing of multiple laterals.

The hanger is run into the well in one trip with the lateral liner and can be completed with various frac diverters to suit your particular completion.

  • The Model S-2 Lateral Entry Nipple (LEN) is a tubing-mounted completion accessory installed into the S-3 HOOK Hanger.
  • The S-3  Dual Seal Module (DSM) completion accessory is installed with the production string to convert a Level 3 or Level 4, 9-5/8-in. S-3 HOOK Hanger into a Level 5 junction.

Both options give you selective, through-tubing re-entry and the ability to isolate and fracture both the main bore and laterals individually.

With the engineering advances and installation flexibility that the FracHOOK multilateral fracturing system provides, you can access more hydrocarbon from a single parent wellbore—enhancing your production without having to drill multiple wells.

Contact us to learn how the FracHOOK multilateral system can optimize fracturing jobs in your multilateral wells.

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