When planning a new field or expanding your current production, you need flexible completion options that withstand high pressures and demanding downhole production conditions.

The HydraSplit™ Multilateral System from Baker Hughes is a TAML level 5, multilateral completion junction designed with high pressure ratings and consisting of one main bore and two cased legs. The robust junction ensures that you maintain a large liner size in the lateral with a high burst and collapse rating.


Durable design for deployment flexibility

The HydraSplit Multilateral System can be deployed in a wide range of downhole environments, whether your reservoirs are onshore or in deep water. The system is stackable and allows for selective re-entry into either lateral, thanks to a diverter system that can be run and pulled through a 4-1/2” upper completion. An orientation lug and collet profile in the system ensures positive orientation and landing of the main bore and lateral diverters. The system can also be used in conjunction with the field-proven WindowMaster™ casing exit system to reduce trip counts downhole.

The junction is hydraulically isolated to avoid exposure to reservoir fluids or formation drawdown. And to minimize damage in high-temperature, potentially corrosive wellbore conditions, the system is available in corrosion-resistant metallurgies.

Deployment of the HydraSplit Multilateral System can have a significant impact when planning and developing your oil or gas fields, by reducing the number of slots on platforms, ensuring fewer surface locations, and minimizing your environmental impact.

Learn more about how the HydraSplit Multilateral System can help you optimize your completions and maximize production in your high-pressure, multilateral wells.

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