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  • Get improved inflation reliability with redundant four-valve systems and top-mounted valve collar
  • Overcome challenging run-in conditions with rough coated mandrel
  • Get assured inflation up to three times the element OD, optimal for irregularly shaped, large holes

  • Zonal isolation either as primary seal or as backup for the cement
  • Sensitive formation protection
  • Cementing of deep wells while protecting lower zones



Block fluid or gas movement between the casing and annulus with the PAYZONE™ external casing packer (ECP) from Baker Hughes.


Proven isolation solutions to improve your cement jobs

A primary cementing and zone isolation packer, the PAYZONE ECP is deployed as an integral part of your casing string to provide a reliable seal between the casing and the wellbore. The ECP’s inflatable element is expanded by pumping cement or another fluid down the casing and is compatible with ongoing cementing operations.

For zonal isolation, the ECP seals the wellbore between zones in your completions—both cemented and uncemented. The packer includes a patented top-mounted valve collar that senses true annulus pressure for consistent, accurate inflation. The packer inflates progressively from bottom to top, which eliminates trapped fluid in the annulus to allow complete inflation.

As a cement packer, the PAYZONE ECP protects the cement from challenging damage by blocking movement of gas or fluid and allowing the cement to set undisturbed. Two sets of four independently manifolded valves help ensure even inflation at the proper time and pressure, and that the pressure is permanently sealed in the element. The ECP isolates and protects sensitive formations from the cement. And for your deep wells, the ECP allows for stage cementing to protect the lower zones from a long column of cement. 

The PAYZONE ECP is available in 20-ft and 40-ft (6-m to 12.1-m) element lengths. A patented rough-coated mandrel prevents element damage during pipe movement, either reciprocation or rotation.

The ECP is available for most casing sizes, weights, grades, thread connections, and materials. Work with our application specialists to select the PAYZONE ECP with the optimal packing element expansion capabilities and pressure ratings for your application.

Contact us today to learn how the PAYZONE external casing packer can optimize your cement job while protecting your formation.

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