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The HORNET mechanical-set isolation packer from Baker Hughes combines reliable isolation with ease of operation.  

Every component—from the jay track to the internal bypass to the packing-element system to the upper slip assembly—has been developed to ensure the HORNET packer’s setting and releasing reliability.

  • The upper slip assembly has been thoroughly tested across API minimum-to-maximum casing ID tolerances for each specified casing weight. The assembly’s slip-wicker configuration provides bidirectional-load support. Minimal set-down weight is required to anchor slips, and a staged-release action eliminates high-overpull requirement.
  • The internal bypass seal design assures sealing after unloading, under differential pressures and without the need for an O-ring sealing system.
  • The packing-element system is a high-performance, three-piece system that has been fully tested to combined ratings at the API's maximum ID tolerance. The system’s patented enhancements control overboost.
  • The packer’s lower slip and jay assembly is tested to maximum API tolerance ID for positive set and ease of release—with just a one-quarter turn. Spacing in the jay ensures opening of internal bypass, before slip-releasing action begins, which is important to both ease of release and safety.  

And for added flexibility, the HORNET packer is easily and inexpensively converted for your wireline-setting applications.


  • Get bidirectional-load support for the highest tensile loads
  • Ensure sealing after unloading under differential pressures with durable bypass seal design
  • Get reliable sealing to API’s maximum ID tolerance
  • Land under compression, tension, or neutral positions

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