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  • Get proven sealing performance to ISO 14310 V0 requirement
  • Gain flexible retrieval on production string or workstring
  • Set with multiple options, including traditional or interventionless setting

  • Big bore completions
  • Multizone stacked-packer completions



The Premier™ hydraulic-set, removable production packer from Baker Hughes gives you the robust seal of a permanent packer with the conveniences of a retrievable.


Lower intervention costs and risks with proven hydraulic-setting solutions

The Premier hydraulic-set packer is ideally suited for your big-bore and multizone, stacked-packer completions. To deploy, simply thread the packer directly to your production string or connect with an anchor-seal assembly.

Once the packer has reached its destination downhole, it is set by pressuring up against a plugging device below the packer. And because deployment and setting is accomplished in one trip, the Premier hydraulic-set packer saves you rig time and costs.

The packer’s retrieval options offer new alternatives in high intervention cost applications. Retrieval on the production string is accomplished by cutting the mandrel with a chemical or mechanical cutting tool. The packer includes a positive debris barrier that protects slips from deposits and debris for ensured retrieval. Shift-to- release and shear-release options are also available for medium-service applications.

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