• Get assured sealing to the ISO 14310 V0 requirement
  • Ensure multiple removal options on production tubing, through-tubing chemical, or mechanical cut
  • Eliminate wireline, slick-line, and coiled tubing interventions for actuation

  • Single or multiple-packer applications
  • High-cost intervention completions



Get the sealing performance of a permanent packer and the flexibility of a retrievable packer with the Premier™ Packer with Striker™ interventionless packer setting system from Baker Hughes.

The Striker system is a proven interventionless actuation product in the Premier packer line. This new class of removable packer delivers a high-performance, ISO 14310 V0-rated seal with the workover options of a traditional retrievable packer.


Ensure an effective seal with proven packer technology

The Striker system’s modular design is based on the innovative, proven SB- 3H™ hydrostatic/hydraulic retainer production packer. While the Striker system primarily generates packer setting force from hydrostatic well pressure, it can also be set by hydraulic pressure as a secondary or contingent setting method.

Like other Premier packers, the Striker system can be remotely actuated—reducing your rig time and costs while minimizing the risks associated with standard well intervention setting methods.

Once your intervention operation is completed, the Striker system can be removed on the production string by cutting the mandrel with a chemical or mechanical cutting tool.

Contact us today to learn how the Premier Packer with Striker can give you a proven, flexible packer solution for your intervention jobs.

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