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  • Deploy guns without the need for killing the well
  • Deploy via electric line or slickline to avoid rig on location
  • Deploy in new wells or existing wells with various running tool options

  • Tubing-conveyed perforating jobs
  • Re-perforating
  • Underbalanced perforating operations



Perforate long intervals in a single, underbalanced operation with the Stackable Gun System™ (SGS™) from Baker Hughes.  Effective in both new completions and well interventions, the SGS affords efficient perforating operations without requiring a rig or coiled tubing unit.

The SGS is equally effective in your vertical and deviated wells to 45°, and is ideal for use in remote, limited-access, or space-limited locations.

Our application specialists help you plan and deploy the required number of SGS gun sections required for your interval, while ensuring that pressure integrity is maintained. The guns can be run into or out of your well one section at a time via slickline or electric wireline, and connect through specialized top and bottom stackable connectors.

The first gun section is run to depth with a gun anchor. Once set, either mechanically or hydraulically, additional gun sections are run and stacked. The last-deployed gun section contains a tubing-conveyed perforating style firing head or is shot conventionally through electric wireline. After the guns have fired, you can retrieve the gun sections one at a time, or drop them into the rat hole without the need to kill the well.

Contact us today to learn how the Stackable Gun System can improve the flexibility and operating efficiency of your perforating jobs.


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