• Get assured isolation rated to ISO 28781 V1 Type C or CC
  • Open remotely by applying tubing pressure cycles and by mechanical actuation

  • Completion running operations
  • Workovers and well interventions

Protect your formation and its ability to produce with completion barrier valves (CBVs) from Baker Hughes. Our ball-actuated isolation valves deliver a reliable barrier that keeps fluid and pressure away from your formation and target reservoir.


Run your upper completions with minimal time and risk

When running completions, fluid can potentially invade and damage your formation. This damage may limit the overall success of the completion operation while reducing your well’s production rates and overall production potential.

Completion barrier valves limit these risks by keeping fluids where you want it, and avoiding ingress and damage to the formation.

A bi-directional downhole barrier valve, the CBV provides effective isolation while installing your upper completion. A typical operation follows an efficient, sequential process.

  • Install the CBV in the lower completion string, just below the hanger packer
  • Mechanically open the CBV using a stinger shifting tool to form a robust barrier that protects the formation
  • Install the upper completion with no concern of fluid losses or formation damage
  • After upper completion installation, remotely open the CBV by pressure cycling against its closed ball

The CBV is designed for reliable operation in your completion installs. The valve’s smooth internal bore is designed with a minimal number of locations for debris to collect. The remote opening module can be replaced for different actuation modules or to vary the number of pressure cycles required for opening. The trigger mechanism can be independently tested prior to assembling inside the valve, thus minimizing the risk of faulty or incomplete actuation downhole. And thanks to the CBV’s internal equalizing mechanism across the ball, reduced loads are required to open the ball under high differential pressures.

Contact us to learn how completion barrier valves Baker Hughes can ensure reliable, robust isolation ahead of your upper completion installations.

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