• Improve operational flexibility with single platform system
  • Increase reliability with positive tool location
  • Get simplified maintenance and redressing with single-piston hydraulic setting tool

  • Cased-hole and openhole completions
  • Land and continental shelf



The SC-XP™ select gravel- and frac- pack system from Baker Hughes gives you a versatile, cost effective, and efficient sand control solution for land, inland water, and shelf applications via a single platform. In addition to featuring the robust SC-XP setting tool, crossover tool, and washpipe valve, the system leverages proven packer and gravel-pack extension technology.


Get proven performance in wide-ranging applications

The SC-XP select system is design to cover a broad performance envelope, including temperatures up to 350°F (177°C) and treating pressures up to 12,000 psi (82.7 MPa). Its new crossover tool port geometry provides increased erosion resistance for added reliability.

The system’s design also simplifies your operations by minimizing the number of crossover tool working positions, which include run-in, treatment, and reverse. All positions are achieved without the use of indicating couplings, profiles, or a SMART collet.


Reduce risks while ensuring reliability

The SC-XP select system’s pressure-insensitive ball seat, tubing hydraulic release, and unique bi-directional low-bottomhole-pressure (BHP) device incorporated in the upper section of the crossover tool further reduce your operational risks. The system’s unrestricted fullbore inside diameter enables you to run long production seal assemblies with confidence.

For further reliability, the system maintains hydrostatic overbalance during packer setting and throughout gravel packing operations to preserve sensitive filter cake. A rotational lock capability reduces risk while running in hole and eases stabbing into the sump packer.

The full Baker Hughes SC-XP platform includes three systems—the SC-XP, SC-XP Prime, and SC-XP select systems—to cover your full spectrum of sand control applications ranging from deepwater to conventional.

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