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Since sandstone formations account for the majority of oil and gas fields, and most of these formations are composed of weakly cemented loose sand grains, the primary challenge with these unconsolidated sandstone formations is that loose sand grains start to produce along with hydrocarbons when the wells are online. Once they enter the wellbore they erode the downhole completion equipment and tubing and fill up the pipelines and flow separators. All of these might result in completion failures and will require costly work over operations.

Our BAKERWELD™ wire-wrap screen is a sand-retention device set in the well to provide a simple, reliable, and effective method of preventing gravel-pack sand from entering the tubulars while allowing production fluid to flow into the well. The wire-wrapped design has up to 30 times more inflow area than slotted pipe of the same opening size, which increases well longevity

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