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Our EXCLUDER2000™ premium wire-mesh screen sets the industry standard for resistance to plugging and erosion and for production longevity. Its protective vector shroud is ideal for long horizontal, openhole, standalone, and gravel-pack installations.

The EXCLUDER2000 screen is a sand exclusion downhole sand exclusion device that incorporates the industry proven EXCLUDER™ screen sand retention and longevity technology with enhanced mechanical strength and integrity. The EXCLUDER2000 employs a unique manufacturing process enabling the individual components to act as one, creating a stronger more durable product. Additionally, a more robust filtration membrane juncture and cartridge seal design has been incorporated. The EXCLUDER2000 screen’s improved design has increased its already proven ability to perform in the most challenging environments including openhole horizontals, short radius wells, re-entry, and offers added protection for any gravel pack/frak pack situation.


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