• Reduce downtime caused by near-wellbore deposition and eliminate costly interventions
  • Extend flow assurance with slow-release, long-lasting chemical formulations
  • Ensure comprehensive well protection from a simple downhole application

  • Deepwater and ultra-deepwater oil wells
  • Deepwater and ultra-deepwater gas wells



Ensure immediate, long-term asphaltene deposit protection in your wells with AsphaltSorb™ Ultra solid asphaltene inhibitors from Baker Hughes. This high-strength solid, controlled-release additive slowly desorbs from the proppant pack to quickly prevent asphaltene deposits from forming—minimizing the risk of lost production while delaying expensive interventions in deepwater wells.

Part of the Sorb™ Ultra family of solid specialty chemical products, AsphaltSorb inhibitors deliver multi-year inhibition—but can withstand high closure pressures compared to Sorb™ products.

Sorb Ultra products safely and efficiently inhibit downhole deposition or tubular damage with slow-releasing and long-lasting chemicals. These products are adsorbed onto a solid proppant substrate that is specially engineered for high-pressure deepwater environments and then pumped deep into the formation.

Sorb Ultra products are tailor-made for your well, with the amount of material added to the proppant based on crush and conductivity tests done in preparation for your job, and on the desired life of the treatment. Once your well begins to produce, the asphaltene inhibitor slowly desorbs into the oil phase, inhibiting asphaltene deposition in the near-wellbore area and tubing.

The product is dry and inert, which means it will not contribute to chemical runoff if spilled. This is environmentally preferable to conventional liquid additives or batch- and continuous-injection liquid chemical systems.

AsphaltSorb Ultra inhibitor is a StimPlus™ services product and is compatible for use with common stimulation fluids.

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