• Maximize fluid efficiency with low to moderate polymer loading
  • Minimize hydraulic HP requirements and ensure viscoelastic stability for proppant transport
  • Minimize tubular friction pressures with controllable crosslink time

  • High-temperature formations
  • Underpressured formations
  • Deep formations



The XtremeStar™ frac fluid system from Baker Hughes gives you proven fracturing performance in your most demanding downhole applications.

Our proprietary, low pH, zirconium crosslinked fluid system provides rheological stability for two hours or longer at temperatures as high as 450°F (232°C), making it ideal for ultrahigh-temperature fracturing applications.

The XtremeStar system is compatible with most formations and is effective at low-to-moderate polymer loading. As a result, the system maximizes fluid efficiency while reducing the potential for damage cause by excessive polymer concentrations. The low concentration polymer system also minimizes hydraulic horsepower requirements while providing sufficient viscoelastic stability for effective proppant transport.

The system can be energized or foamed with CO2, making it well suited for underpressured formations. And because its crosslink times can be adjusted, this system is ideal for fracturing deep formations by minimizing tubular friction pressures.

Contact us to learn how the XtremeStar frac fluid system can optimize your hydraulic fracturing operations in a wide variety of applications.

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