Fluid loss control pills from Baker Hughes give you effective solutions to minimize completion and workover expenses while maintaining long-term well productivity.

If left unchecked, fluid losses can compromise your well control, raise the likelihood of expensive workover operations, drive up your completion costs, lower production rates, and lead to long-term formation damage.


Proven fluid loss control for wide-ranging well requirements

Solids-free, polymer-based fluids—both crosslinked and non-crosslinked—are based on refined guar and cellulose. Crosslinked gels like the TEKPLUG™ XL and TEKPLUG™ XL HD pills effectively control losses by forming a robust seal at the formation face. Non-crosslinked gels enter your formation to reduce fluid permeability, thus building resistance to fluid flow and lowering loss rates.

Solids-laden, non-crosslinked systems include a large range of particle sizes that bridge on the pore throats of your formation to form a nearly impenetrable filter cake. The bridging solids in these formulations, which include calcium carbonate, sized salt, and oil-soluble resins, are effectively dissolved by soaking in an appropriate breaker—thus removing the filter cake to resume production.

Work with our application specialists to select the optimal fluid loss control solution for your reservoir specifications, while minimizing your completion/intervention time, cost, and remedial cleanup treatment requirements.

Contact us to learn how fluid loss control pills from Baker Hughes can optimize your completion efforts while protecting your formation.

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Fluid loss control pills