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  • Improve pressure pumping reliability and minimize hydraulic horsepower requirements
  • Minimize polymer loading and proppant pack damage with high-yield GW-2 guar polymer
  • Facilitate water management and reduce associated costs with high compatibility

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in shale reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in horizontal or vertical wells



Optimize proppant delivery in your stimulation operations with the ShaleXcel™ fracturing fluid system from Baker Hughes.


Proven proppant placement with flexible viscosity control

A proven, fit-for-purpose fluid technology, the ShaleXcel system develops effective viscosity to transport your proppant through surface pumping equipment and the near-wellbore area before quickly reverting to a low-viscosity fluid.

The fracture fluid system rapidly generates proppant carrying viscosity to ensure proppant transport into the fractures emanating from the wellbore. Within minutes of entering the formation, the fluid viscosity breaks into a slickwater-like viscosity, making it better suited to produce a complex fracture network.

The result—enhanced effective fracture area and improved stimulation effectiveness.

ShaleXcel is part of the SmartCare™ family of environmentally conscious chemical solutions, which are designed to ensure that your technical performance and environmental priorities are met. Like every SmartCare product, ShaleXcel fluids undergo a rigorous chemical assessment review and are methodically vetted for health, safety, and environmental criteria; performance; and value.

Discover how ShaleXcel can reliably optimize your stimulation operations.

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