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  • Improve proppant transport with high apparent viscosity
  • Minimize polymer loading and risk of formation and proppant pack damage with high-yield polymer
  • Minimize hydraulic horsepower requirements with crosslink times of more than 10 minutes

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations in conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • Foamed or energized fracturing treatments using nitrogen



Vistar™ fracturing fluid systems from Baker Hughes are proven to maximize fracture efficiency and minimize any risks to the formation.

Vistar systems implement an efficient, refined carboxymethyl guar (CMG) polymer to achieve stable performance at temperatures greater than 350°F (177°C). The high-yield polymer has a high apparent viscosity that minimizes polymer loading for optimal viscosity and proppant transport, reducing risks of formation and proppant pack damage.


Optimize your frac job with versatile, cost-effective frac fluids

Due to its superior fluid efficiency, Vistar systems minimize pad volumes and overall fluid volumes required for your frac job. They can also be applied in reservoirs with high pH, thus maintaining stability when foamed or energized with nitrogen.

Vistar systems incorporate proprietary delayed zirconium complexor and breaker chemistry to deliver customizable crosslink and break times. They can be formulated for crosslink times of more than 10 minutes, minimizing your hydraulic horsepower requirements and improving fluid stability.

Baker Hughes’ line of encapsulated breakers can be used to cleanly and completely break down the polymer, enhancing fluid clean-up and preventing formation and proppant pack damage. Vistar systems’ tolerance to mix waters—including brines—means that they can effectively support your water management plans and reduce associated costs.

Discover how Vistar fracturing fluid systems can help you achieve superior fracture performance with reduced risks and costs.

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