Data monitoring and analysis systems from Baker Hughes give you assured, real-time monitoring and control of your stimulation operations. With the data available in your onsite control room or transmitted to remote offices via a secure internet connection, you can minimize the risks, costs, and time of your fracturing and remedial treatment jobs.

With the JobMaster™ Data Acquisition software, you can monitor, record, and transfer more than 400 parameters on a wide range of job operations—including cementing, acid stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, frac packing, gravel packing, and remedial treatments. Analyze and manipulate the data in collaboration with our completions specialists at your job site or transfer information in real time to any office anywhere in the world—allowing you to make critical decisions during job execution.

Combine the JobMaster software with our EZTreat™ treatment control software to seamlessly integrate the controls of your downhole treatment mixing and pumping equipment. You’re assured comprehensive process control and real-time monitoring of your acid, proppant, and cementing treatments, with precise mixing and the flexibility to make blending changes on the fly.

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