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  • Ensures seamless communication between equipment operators and control room operators
  • Provides flexibility in pre-job programming and allowing adjustments during treatment
  • Affords real-time monitoring and control of all processes

  • Conventional and unconventional hydraulic stimulation
  • Onshore and offshore cementing operations



Minimize the risks, costs, and time of your downhole treatment mixing and pumping with  EZTreat™ treatment control software by Baker Hughes.

With its Human Machine Interface (HMI), EZTreat software gives you comprehensive process control and real-time monitoring of your critical downhole treatment applications.


Optimize your stimulation operations

The EZTreat software improves your control of the stimulation plant by communicating with the high-pressure pumps, blenders, hydration unit, Dry-on-the-Fly™ polymer hydration unit, acid blending system, and dry and liquid additive tanks—all via our proven LAN system. The touch-screen interface displays all of the 3-D process flow diagrams and lets you easily control your plant components.  These screens also display all tank levels and flow rates, with interlocks to prevent any contamination of fluids and running pumps dry.

And when combined with the JobMaster™ monitoring software application, the EZTreat software helps you seamlessly integrate equipment controls to simplify operations and precisely control your mixing and pumping.

With EZTreat software, you get pre-job programming of the acid, proppant, and additive schedules, as well as the flexibility to make real-time adjustments during the treatment. Emergency controls on the display panel allow you to quickly shut-off pumps during an over-pressure situation.


Ensure greater cementing success

Reduce your zonal isolation risks with precision cement mixing and pumping afforded by the EZTreat software.

The software integrates with automatic density-control systems to help ensure precise mixing.

And for your larger pumping operations, EZTreat software can remotely control additive/mixing units and multiple pumps, including the land-based Falcon™ and Tucano™ trucks and deepwater Seahawk™ cementing skid.

Regardless of your mixing operation, the software is easily adaptable to any plant modifications or upgrades and allows for easy communication between the equipment operators and the control room.

Discover how the EZTreat software application can optimize your stimulation and cementing job to better deliver your treatment goals.

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