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  • Eliminate airborne polymer particulate exposure
  • Reduce waste fluid and related disposal costs

  • Hydraulic fracturing operations
  • Coalbed methane (CBM) well operations



LFC hydration units from Baker Hughes deliver cost-effective, efficient mixing of liquid frac concentrates (LFCs) in the field—ensuring that your well achieves its fracturing requirements without sacrificing environmental goals.

Performance parameters of the hydration unit are based on the requirement of a three-minute residence time for the LFC and for hydration of fracturing fluids. By providing the necessary volume and mixing shear, the unit ensures complete hydration of the polymer before adding proppant or crosslinker.


Ensure effective, automated hydration control

The efficient, in-field hydration process begins by adding the slurried LFC polymer to the water at the unit’s inlet and shearing through a static mixer. The residence time of the resulting gel is then controlled by passing it through four separate compartments:

  • The first compartment begins the hydration process
  • The second and third compartments are equipped with power agitators to provide vigorous mixing
  • The final compartment contains the fluid for discharge to the blender.

The LFC control module allows either manual or fully automatic operation of the LFC system and the liquid additive pumps. Operational parameters can be changed remotely from a computer for more rapid and complete control.

An in-line gel analyzer provides constant data regarding viscosity, temperature and pH. As an added feature of fluid inventory and control, mass flow meters can be easily installed and interfaced with the unit. These fluid parameters are all easily analyzed, recorded, and displayed to ensure that the desired viscosity-on-the-fly is achieved and maintained.

As a result, you’ll save time and money on your hydration operations while reducing your environmental wastes.

Contact us to learn how LFC hydration units can maximize the performance potential of your LFC fracturing operations.

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