Pumping equipment from Baker Hughes gives you reliable, robust pump performance in your hydraulic fracturing and well stimulation jobs.

Improve the operational efficiency and environmental footprint of your hydraulic fracturing operations with our Rhino™ bifuel pumps. Running on a combination of natural gas and diesel, Rhino pumps reduce diesel use by up to 65%--with no loss of hydraulic horsepower and reduced emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide, and particulates.

Optimize your well stimulation operations with our Gorilla™ pumps units. With a pumping capacity of 2,750 HHP, each unit is configured quickly onsite to perform multiple fracturing treatments and restore safe and efficient production to aging offshore wells.

Pump different types of fracturing fluids—reliably and efficiently—with our Gator™ frac pumps. A self-contained, 2,100-HHP pumping unit, the Gator pump effectively delivers frac fluids based on water, acids, or gelled fluids with higher horsepower and flexibility than conventional frac pumps.

Get reliable fluid injection for your hydraulic fracturing or acid stimulation operations with our Wolverine™ pump units. Designed for robust performance, Wolverine pumps deliver 2,000 HHP at pressures up to 15,000 psi (103.4 MPa)—while allowing for a smaller frac operation footprint and less backup equipment required at the wellsite.

Contact us to learn how our pumping equipment can help optimize your fracturing operations—with less cost and risk.


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