Resin systems from Baker Hughes give you assured sand production control—without damaging your formation or reducing wellbore diameter. With our proven liquid resin systems, you get fast and effective sand consolidation to maximize the production pathway of your wells.


Ensure sand control with flexible, cost-effective systems

The ReSET™ FORM formation consolidation system provides superior efficiency in your primary and remedial sand control operations thanks to two additives that work synergistically to produce a quality resin bond. One additive enhances the wetting of your formation material to improve resin adhesion on the substrate, while the second additive increases the bonding strength between the cured resin film and the formation grains.

Resin is pushed into all perforations and additional fluids are used to maintain matrix permeability. Finally, the liquid resin is externally catalyzed with acid to form a high-compressive-strength consolidation with a high-permeability formation material.

And for your perforation clean-up jobs, the ReSET™ PROP in-situ proppant consolidation system gives you proven treatment success—built on a 30-year track record of hundreds of jobs. ReSET PROP’s epoxy resin system is added with fluid to create a slurry that is delivered downhole to pack perf tunnels and the near-wellbore area—consolidating the gravel to form a permeable synthetic sandstone. The resin-coated grains form point-to-point contact binds, but with pore spaces open for hydrocarbon flow.

ReSET PROP can use any type of proppant or gravel, and treatment can be bullheaded or placed with coiled tubing. And because it does not require a rig or any downhole tools, you’re assured a fast, cost-effective, and lower risk sand control job.

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