• Reduces fine migrations, maintaining proppant pack conductivity
  • Increases resistance to proppant flowback, maintaining fracture network
  • Minimizes production decline

  • Fracturing operations in reservoirs with high closure stress
  • Fracturing operations in wells expected to undergo considerable cyclic stress



Improve the conductivity and long-term stimulation performance of your fracture network with the FlexSand™ proppant flowback additive from Baker Hughes.

Proppant flowback often impedes the permeability of your fracture network and can result in costly damages to your production facilities. The FlexSand additive resists proppant flowback and reduces proppant crushing and fines generation, keeping your fracture network open longer and helping to maximize your well’s production.


Maximize recovery with proven flowback prevention

The award-winning FlexSand additive is a deformable particle that mixes easily with proppant grains in your stimulation fluid. The additive is available in multiple sizes to accommodate a variety of proppant grains and is designed to be slightly larger and softer than the proppant grains.

When the fracture begins to close on the proppant, the FlexSand grains enmesh with the proppant grains, cushioning them from damaging stresses, keeping them in place, and minimizing fines generation.

FlexSand is proven to outperform all other competitive systems, including resin coated proppant, and is available in three strengths, depending on your stimulation needs.

Discover how FlexSand proppant flowback additive can help you maintain your fracture long-term and maximize your reservoir recovery.

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