• Transports with limited horsepower, thanks to neutral buoyancy in completion brines
  • Eliminates viscous gravel pack gels to reduce pumping/mixing footprint
  • Saves formation permeability and proppant pack conductivity

  • Conventional and multipath screen horizontal open hole gravel pack
  • Gravel packing of inflow control devices
  • Unconventional reservoirs, such as coalbed methane, tight gas, and shale



LiteProp™ ultralightweight proppant (ULWP) from Baker Hughes offers you a portfolio of materials and particle sizes to efficiently transport proppant in gravel packing operations.  Our suite of ULWP ensures optimized proppant transport with slow settling rates to enhance your fracture network while reducing your pumping footprint.


Optimize gravel packing while protecting pumping equipment

Work with our application experts to select a LiteProp ULWP with a density similar to your brine density. The optimal proppant selection can lower the requirement on your carrier fluid while eliminating the need for a gel carrier fluid.

You’ll be assured lower pumping rates over longer distances and a greater effective propped fracture length—with fewer pounds of proppant than conventional sands.

Our near-perfectly spherical ULWP is engineered with several features to extend the operability of your stimulation equipment:

  • Robust material designed for long service in the harshest of reservoir environments
  • Non-abrasive material that leaves your tubing and surface equipment undamaged
  • Smooth surface to minimize friction and surface horsepower requirements

LiteProp ULWP gives you greater versatility in your stimulation operations. It can be used in conjunction with conventional screens and inflow control devices, and even with multipath screens, thus minimizing pumping equipment requirements.

Discover how LiteProp can help you maximize your reservoir productivity while reducing your pumping footprint.


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