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  • Ensure reliable operation through a simple design
  • Ensure absolute sealing for annulus gas with ultra-strong closure mechanism

  • Venting for submersible pump completions
  • Injecting for gas injection completions



Control the flow of annulus gas across your twin-seal packer with the AGV™ annular vent valve from Baker Hughes.

This annulus control safety valve attaches directly to the top of your twin-seal submersible pump packer. The AGV valve is normally closed but is opened by applying control line pressure. Any loss of control line pressure results in a fail-safe closure to stop annular flow.

The AGV is similar in design to the VR™ vent annulus control safety valve, but includes a smaller OD for limited drift applications. And whether you need to vent gas in your submersible pump completions or deliver gas for your gas injection completions, the AGV gives you reliable annular control.

Contact us to learn how the AGV ESP annular vent valve can safely control gas flow through your well’s annulus.

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