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  • Get assured annular flow isolation from 32-300°F (0-149°C)
  • Maintain large annular flow area and pump-through capabilities
Other Benefits

  • Minimize debris and particle fouling on valve closure and sealing mechanisms with sliding sleeve design



Get assured annular flow control with the Model CASVTM annular control safety system from Baker Hughes.

This surface-controlled, tubing-retrievable annulus safety valve delivers reliable performance when it matters most. Proven design features ensure that annular flow from the well is effectively closed off, precisely when it is required.

The CASV annular control safety system is controlled from surface via a small diameter hydraulic control line connecting the safety valve to the surface emergency shut-down system. The valve’s fail-safe closed design ensures that when the applied control line pressure is removed, the valve automatically returns to the closed position—quickly shutting in annular flow from the well.


Ensure a reliable seal with proven design advances

The CASV safety system’s concentric sliding-sleeve design minimizes the pressure drop and turbulence through the tool. As a result, you’re assured a low risk of the possibility of debris and particles fouling on the valve closure and sealing mechanisms.

The safety system also utilizes field-proven nonelastomeric technology and metal-to-metal housing connections and uses the same rod piston actuator from the highly reliable T-SeriesTM of tubing retrievable safety valves.

The design of the main sealing elements for the CASV’s ported sleeve is based on the same nonelastomeric technology used in the Model CMTM sliding sleeves.

When used in conjunction with the Model FLXTM pack-off tubing hanger and Model CTATM , the CASV becomes an integral part of a complete annular safety system.

Contact us to learn how the CASV annular control safety system can provide reliable and robust annular isolation in your wells.

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