• Ensure smooth, reliable operation by keeping wellbore fluids out of the spring and flapper cavity
  • Ensure complete containment of wellbore fluids when valve is closed with metal-to-metal seal technology
  • Get a strong, reliable seal under the harshest conditions with RBT housing seals

  • Cement-through and frac-through operations
  • Tubingless completions or cemented monobore completions
  • Gas lift or openhole completions



The Baker Hughes CEMENTSAFE™ tubing retrievable surface controlled subsurface safety valve (TRSV) is custom-designed to prevent debris contamination in your cement-through and frac-through applications

CEMENTSAFE valves are designed to deliver reliable operation and superior performance in any application that requires the exclusion of flowing debris from the working components of the TRSV.

A piston with nonelastomeric dynamic seals isolates the control chamber and spring cavity from cement and produced fluids. This feature not only protects the sealing surfaces of your valve’s actuation system, but it also excludes debris from entering the valve’s flapper cavity.

CEMENTSAFE ensures superior performance in harsh environments by incorporating many proven features from the T-series™ line, including:

  • Metal-to-metal housing seals prevent wellbore fluid contamination and provide a strong seal
  • A unique curved flapper optimizes the OD to ID relationship
  • A patented thru-the-flapper self-equalizing system ensures pressure balance
  • A patented radial punch control fluid contamination system eliminates accidental communication associated with linear shifting sleeves

Discover how CEMENTSAFE series subsurface safety valve can help you prevent uncontrolled flow and debris contamination in your cement-through and frac-through operations.

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