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  • Robust construction minimizes safety risks
  • Easily adaptable to any lock design
Other Benefits

  • Large, durable flow tube allows unrestricted injection and protection of the flapper and sealing areas



Maintain proper flow in your injection wells with the J4™ injection valve from Baker Hughes.

A critical component of your enhanced oil recovery completion assembly, the J4 injection valve is a subsurface controlled subsurface safety valve engineered to provide optimal injection.

As your injected fluid begins to flow through tubing, the J4’s field-proven, wedge-shaped flapper immediately opens to allow the fluid to pass through the valve. Once your desired injection rate is met, a pressure drop is created across the orifices that allows the flow tube to extend past the flapper to its open position. The valve’s durable flow tube protects the flapper and seat from erosional effects due to the injection fluid while in the open position.

As injection ceases, the pressure differential is eliminated, causing the flow to retract and the flapper to close automatically. The flapper will also close if the direction of flow through the valve should reverse.  

The J4 injection valve is versatile, capable of being set at any depth, and available from nominal tubing sizes from 3.5-in. to 7-in. tubing, with working pressures up to 10,000 psi.

The valve can also be run and retrieved, under pressure, using conventional wireline methods. An optional unloading sub can be run to equalize pressure from below the valve in cases where the valve will be pulled with differential pressure from below the assembly.

Discover how the J4 injection valve can help you optimize your injection operations.

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