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Digital Transformation

Annual Meeting 2020

We are solving problems that were previously unsolvable. We’re delivering safer energy, cleaner energy, more renewable energy. We’re dramatically reducing the accidents and reducing the climate impact of the operations in which we’re engaged. It doesn’t get more exciting than that.

Tom Siebet, Chairman and CEO,

Digital Transformation has spent the last decade and nearly $700 million building a unique model-driven architecture that enables its customers across a wide range of industries to rapidly design, develop, provision, and operate commercial industrial AI solutions. Its portfolio includes a large scale deployment at Enel spanning multiple use cases that can deliver hundreds of million euros a year in recurring economic benefit; a suite of applications for Bank of America with the cash management application alone delivering economic benefit of billions of dollars a year; and site-based predictive maintenance for the United States Air Force that has, among other benefits, increased the daily availability of its aircraft fleet by double digits.


With Royal Dutch Shell provides the AI platform for all of Shell’s upstream, downstream, and midstream operations. This is a very large-scale project covering AI predictive maintenance for offshore oil rigs, reservoir production modeling, algorithmic machine vision, predictive maintenance for compressors, predictive and descriptive maintenance for half a million valves, optimization of coal seam gas operations, and more. It’s a solution that Shell describes as “massive, not just for our business, but also for the planet.”


With Baker Hughes has partnered with Baker Hughes and Microsoft for about eight months to build solutions for the entire oil and gas value chain. Several applications are already available on the Azure marketplace: BHC3 Reliability, BHC3 Predictive Maintenance, BHC3 Inventory Optimization, BHC3 Network Sensor Health, and BHC3 Energy Management. A report published this week by Bloomberg shows that Baker Hughes is strongly positioned versus the other oil and gas service companies as it relates to the ability to deliver tried, tested, and proven digital transformation solutions at scale.