• Optimize reservoir recovery
  • Decrease NPT while increasing safety
  • Improve cost-effectiveness of your drilling program

  • Highly unstable overburden sections
  • Depleted zones
  • Loss/thief zones and low-pressure zones



Drill through trouble zones with reduced time and risk with the SureTrak™  steerable drilling liner service from Baker Hughes. The high-performance service solution lets you drill, log, and place liner in one run without compromising directional drilling and completion objectives.


Drill and run liner confidently—in one trip

The SureTrak service combines a rotary steerable system with a liner. Running the liner while drilling keeps the wellbore stable and eliminates the need to pull the drillstring to run casing—reducing your risks and nonproductive time (NPT). The SureTrak service can also save the costs associated with contingency plans.

Because the liner is isolated from the reamer shoe, you can rotate the liner at much lower RPMs than the pilot and reamer bits. This lessens the load on the liner, improving its fatigue life.

The system targets the most challenging drilling environments, such as highly unstable overburden sections and depleted zones, to help you:

  • Mitigate the risk of hole collapse and formation damage by reducing openhole exposure
  • Reduce NPT by eliminating extra trips and ensuring that the liner is installed at target depth (TD) from the first run
  • Enhance wellbore integrity by creating a plastering effect that reduces fluid loss and cuttings volume
  • Lower health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks by reducing pipe-handling and rigsite footprint size


Drill farther, faster, and safer

The SureTrak service gives you an integrated drilling solution for your unstable formations—both onshore and off. You’ll reach reservoirs that were unreachable with conventional drilling technologies. And by simultaneously drilling and sealing off trouble zones, your risks of tripping casing across problematic zones are minimized—helping you reach TD every time.

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