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  • Define fluid properties, pipe configurations and hole sizes to effectively calculate the height of the cement plug
  • Reduce the chances of contaminating the cement plug with precise operational recommendation
  • Gather wellbore, pipe and fluid data to get a clear estimate of the contaminated and uncontaminated sections of the plug
  • Eliminate “rule of thumb” methods using a mathematical approach to calculate the under displacement volume

  • Plug cementing operations
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wellbores

The Baker Hughes Plug cement wizard software application, the Plug Cementing Design module of CemMaster zonal isolation cementing software, helps take the guesswork out of cement plug work. This software program is a major upgrade from its predecessor, with advanced hydraulics calculation for more accurate estimation of the expected top of cement of a cement plug.   

The software allows the user to input wellbore and fluids information to accurately identify where a balanced cement plug should be placed. The user inputs the desired depth interval of the cement plug and the volume of the spacer, and the software calculates the volume of cement to be pumped. When the tubing is pulled up, the balanced fluid levels will drop to cover the specified interval. The tubing may be pulled out of the wellbore completely or to a specified depth.

Plug cement wizard software has a 3D wellbore viewer that enables the user to rotate and zoom to analyze the wellbore path. The fluid type, density, rate, and rheology for each pumping stage are entered to determine fluid placement balance and can be used as the treatment schedule.

The pump schedule can be animated to show the fluids being placed in the tubing and annulus. Animation speed can be slowed using the step function. Once the fluids are placed, another animation process shows the tubing being pulled out of the well while the fluid plug settles into position.

Contact your local Baker Hughes representative to learn more about how the Plug cement wizard can help remove the guesswork from your cementing operations.

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