• Ensure less WOC and mud-conditioning time
  • Drill out with conventional PDC bit

  • Save time with one-connection hookup and single ball-drop operation



Optimize your balance plug cementing and improve cement plug placement with the Baker Hughes Para-Bow™ tool cementing tool.

The Para-Bow tool gets its name from the two umbrella-shaped bows that extend in opposite directions in the wellbore to form a temporary plug. When cement is pumped directly above the positioned Para-Bow tool, the success of the cement bond can be improved by as much as 50%—significantly enhancing your wellbore integrity while minimizing environmental risks.


Resolve common cement placement challenges

Cement and drilling mud often exhibit major differences in their specific gravity. This differential in specific gravity will often result in the heavier cement swapping places with the lighter drilling mud—raising the risk of cement integrity problems.

Compounding these problems is the chemical reaction that can take place between the cement and the drilling fluid. If the fluids displace one another and mix together, the resulting mud-cement mixture may fail to offer the bonding characteristics required.


Simple activation in a flexible design

Our Para-Bow tool is the most cost-effective solution for achieving balanced plug cementing. The SC-XP tool’s single ball-drop activation ensures a simple, trouble-free procedure.

  • After the optimum tool depth is reached, the ball is dropped and lands in the activator piston
  • Pressure is then applied to move the activator piston to close the upper circulation ports
  • Once the upper circulation ports are closed, the ball is pushed through the activator piston
  • The fluid is pumped against the extrusion piston to push out the Para-Bow tool

You can confidently deploy the Para-Bow tool for all cased or openhole sizes, from 6 to 20 in. (15 to 50 cm).

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