Ensuring that your wellbore is sealed with a high-quality cement sheath is critical to the long-term operability of your well and the safety of the surrounding environment. Cementing systems from Baker Hughes minimize your risks and confirm that your well remains safe and secure throughout its producing life.


Complete cementing solutions

With Baker Hughes as your cementing services partner, you get the full scope of solutions to ensure a seamless cement job and zonal isolation that will protect your well for the long term.

  • Upfront planning with the CemMaster™ zonal isolation software helps you precisely plan your cement job with minimal risk and cost. Incorporating parameters such as planned cement setting depth, hole size, desired pump rates, and bottomhole temperatures and pressures, our simulations optimize your cement job in any well scenario.
  • You get customized cement slurries to address your specific downhole conditions and well requirements with the Set for Life™ family of cement systems. Solutions include cement systems for shallow water and gas flow in deepwater wells, cements that withstand high injection pressures during hydraulic fracturing, and systems that provide long-term isolation in corrosive environments and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells.
  • Ensure flawless field execution with the Baker Hughes Hawk land-based cementing unit and Seahawk™ advanced offshore cementing unit. Operated by well-trained personnel, these units deliver fully automated slurry density control for high-rate, heavy- to ultralightweight slurry mixing for any well requirement.
  • Ensure that your cement job met its objectives and will deliver extended zonal isolation with our cement evaluation tools. The combined measurements from the Ultrasonic Isolation eXplorer™ (ULTeX™) and Integrity eXplorer™ (INTeX™) cement evaluation services gives you high-resolution data regarding the integrity of your casing string and cement bond for informed decision making.

Our proven cementing systems deliver several operational benefits for the life of your well.

  • Maximize the productivity of your reservoirs. Ensure that your cement job is executed flawlessly to fully isolate permeable, water-bearing formations and prevent hydraulic connectivity
  • Optimize your remedial operations. Make accurate cement bond evaluations and avoid unnecessary remedial squeeze jobs that come from misinterpreting results
  • Prevent serious well integrity issues. Select the right cement slurry for your application and monitor its long-term integrity in the wellbore to avoid channeling and other threats to long-term zonal isolation
  • Save time and lower costs. Optimize every step of the cementing process—from pre-job planning to ongoing evaluation—with a full-service offering that minimizes downtime and avoids cement placement problems

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